Thomas A McCarty

Licensed Acupuncturist

in the Marigny, New Orleans


ABOUT Thomas


A native of Metairie, Louisiana, I have since called home many parts of the US. Longtime interest and study of herbalism and food-as-medicine led me to the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), for which I earned a degree in 2010. I practiced in Saint Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota between 2010 and 2018, moving back to New Orleans last summer. I’ve been licensed to practice acupuncture in Louisiana since February, 2019.

Working in healing arts has been a great opportunity for personal growth and every day I am thankful for the chance to help so many people.


About what I do:

Indispensable to any holistic health care system is our innate ability to heal, and the human talent to find wellness throughout life—qualities I believe we each have within us. These qualities are essential to the effectiveness of any approach to health. Ultimately, we each own our experience of health and wellness.

Here are a few tools specific to TCM:

Acupuncture acts to stimulate energy, focus the body-mind on achieving health and balance, and to release stagnancy and toxicity.

Herbal therapy supports the healing process and puts us in touch with the energy of the earth. Also, since a formula prescription will be taken several times per day, it keeps one on a healing track between other treatments.

Tui Na (TCM massage) is great for many reasons. It gives the option of TCM energy work for those that don’t like needles, allows focus on musculo-skeletal symptoms, and brings the element of human touch which is so powerful for healing.

I take care to create a safe space for all my clients, especially those who choose Tui Na, and keep open communication to ensure that the space is maintained, boundaries are observed, and client and provider alike are heard, understood and respected.


Education and EXPERIENCE

I studied TCM at American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Roseville, Minnesota, graduated in 2010, and been certified with NCCAOM since 2010.

Having been licensed to practice acupuncture in Minnesota from 2010 through 2018, I received my Louisiana Acupuncture license in February of 2019.

After my intern- and extern-ships at AAAOM, I worked at Crescenterra Health Center for two years and Grand Avenue Natural Medicine Center for two and a half (both in Saint Paul, MN.) I had my own clinic space in Minneapolis (Mulberry Acupuncture) for a year, and worked at Pathways—a Healing Center (Minneapolis) from 2017-2018. I have also been a volunteer acupuncturist for several annual Stand Down For Homeless Veterans events at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis.

I have never specialized in a particular type of complaint, instead opening my doors to whomever came to me for help. So, it’s no surprise that I have worked with many, many pain syndromes from lumbago to migraine, and from GI related symptoms to cramping and other menstrual issues.

On the other hand, I have also had success with a range of other types of cases, including injury and surgery recovery, autoimmune and allergies, depression, insomnia, and general mental balance and focus.



Client feedback

I saw Tommy regularly for sciatica and again for tendonitis in my elbow. Each time, he was able to come up with a treatment that focused directly on relieving the pain, as well as addressing underlying contributing factors.
And if i didn’t feel like needles that day, he was able to tailor each session by working with pressure points or tui-na.
— Joel Peyton, St Paul, MN
Receiving treatment from Tommy always had me feeling like I could float. He is always very professional and you can tell he does this because he wants to help people feel and be better.
It’s very easy to be comfortable with him and he really takes the time to get to know you to find out how he can help. I can’t imagine receiving a better experience and am grateful to have met him. I hope I can see him again soon.
— Bennett Davies, Minneapolis, MN
I received a six week course of treatments from Tommy which included acupuncture, tui-na and general advice. The treatment was exceptional! He helped target consistent issues I’d been experiencing and gave me TCM based advice for how to make healthy changes in my life. Looking at stomach problems I’d been having, he made dietary recommendations. I followed his advice and immediately stopped having stomach aches!
Tommy is a very knowledgeable and well-rounded TCM practitioner. I recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for specific issues or even just for the pursuit of general wellness.
— Alyssa Johnson, Minneapolis, MN