Traditional Chinese Medicine

Indispensable in TCM and other holistic systems is the body’s innate ability to heal and the human talent to find wellness throughout life. This is essential to the effectiveness of any approach to health.

Here are a few tools specific to TCM:

Acupuncture acts to stimulate energy, focus the body-mind on achieving health and balance, and to release stagnancy and toxicity.

Herbal therapy supports the healing process and puts us in touch with the energy of the earth. Also, since a formula prescription will be taken several times per day, it keeps one on a healing track between other treatments.

Tui Na (TCM massage) is great for many reasons. It gives the option of TCM energy work for those that don’t like needles, allows focus on musculo-skeletal symptoms, and brings the element of human touch which is both so powerful for healing and so often dysfunctional for many in these times.

I take care to create a safe space for all my clients, especially those who choose Tui Na, and keep open communication to ensure that the space is maintained, boundaries are observed, and client and provider alike are heard, understood and respected.