Community Acupuncture has a new time each week

Beginning October 22nd, every Tuesday evening from 4-7 pm will be Community Acupuncture sessions! This will be walk-ins only, no appointments, though you may contact via email or text to see if there are chairs available at any given time.

The fee will still be a sliding scale, $20-$40, determined by your own assessment of what you are comfortable paying. Please wear loose-fitting clothes, or shorts and short sleeves, for better access to useful acupoints.

I would love to overflow the capacity of this space for CA sessions, since I have a larger space to move it to, should demand call for it.

It’s a great time to mention that I have moved into a new room in the building where the practice is—the address is the same, but with the new space devoted entirely to Tree Of Life Acupuncture, scheduling hours are very much opened up. Check out the Appointments page for new full hours.

I will be away from New Orleans between October 10th and 21st, visiting my son and friends in Minnesota. I look forward to a busy fall season, and wish you all the best!

Thomas McCarty